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I used to think that shit would get good once I started my twenties. I’d have more independence, be more confident, and smart, and everything would start falling into place. That literally could not have been more untrue. Being in your twenties is like purgatory. A ten year sentence in limbo. So many questions and literally no answers. Like we just wanna know will we get into grad school? Will I get a job? Will my job pay like shit? Will i even like it? Will this relationship last? Will I even get into a relationship? Will any of my friendships last? Will I reach my goals? Is it worth it to keep trying? Literally nothing is known and it’s emotionally stressful yo. And anytime you encounter a real adult it’s like the most unenjoyable game of 20 questions about your unclear future like go away do not ask me i do not know and i do not want to talk to you about it let me live. All I wanna do is be in my bed and left alone tbh. I used to think twenty year olds were drunk all the time because they were having so much fun but now I see it’s actually the exact opposite..


Event Horizon | Jason Weingart

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Lianne La Havas


Better than this years entire show